Maureen Perkins

Roadside Assistance For Semi Trucks

As a worker in the trucking industries, making it to destinations in a timely manner is important for keeping customers satisfied. However, timely arrivals can be delayed when there are problems with a truck, such as breaking down on the side of the road. Getting assistance when you are stranded numerous miles from the nearest town can be difficult, but fortunately, there is a way to get out of the situation in a less stressful manner.

Great Maintenance Tips For Auto Air Conditioners

During the summer months, you want the air conditioner in your vehicle to work great on a consistent basis. This will require you to maintain it properly throughout the year, which won't be difficult if you utilize this care advice. Clean Air Filter The air filter is one of the more important parts of your vehicle's AC system. It's designed to catch things like dirt, debris, and other particles. It won't work effectively if it's too dirty.

Your Car Was Broken Into. Now What?

Nothing can feel quite as violating as going out to your car and seeing one of your windows smashed in and some of your things gone. Whether it was your front windshield that was damaged or one of your side windows, you may wonder how you'll ever get your car restored and stop feeling like you've been robbed. Call Your Insurance Agency The first thing that you should do if you see that you have been robbed is call your insurance to file a claim.

Dealing With Rust Damage On Your Car

People take their car into an auto body shop for a lot of reasons, but rust repair is one of the more common repairs that your local body shop can handle for you. If the sheet metal on your car is starting to show visible damage to the paint or small holes are starting to appear, it is time to get a professional to look at the vehicle for you.

4 Things A Transmission Shop Can Help You With As A Car Owner

If you are a car owner, you could probably benefit from some of the services that are offered at the average transmission shop. These are just some of the things that a transmission shop can help you with as a car owner. Inspecting Your Transmission If you think that there might be something wrong with your transmission, you probably want to know more about the problem as soon as possible. Someone from a transmission shop will probably take a look at your transmission to determine its condition and to let you know about any problems.