Five Steps To Follow When Donating Your Car To A Veteran Charity

Regardless of whether your car is running or not, a car donation service for veterans can take your car and sell it to a local dealership or scrapyard. The profit from this endeavor will then be used to help veterans. If you are considering having your car donated to a donation for veteran's charity, you might wonder what you need to do to prepare your vehicle.

Here are five steps you should follow.

1. Determine if Your Car Will Be Accepted 

If your car is not running, you will want to find out if the car donation service accepts cars that do not run. Some services will accept the car as long as it's in one piece and have an engine. However, you might need to make arrangements to have your car towed to the car donation service.

2. Find Your Title

Find out whether you will need a title to your car. This always makes the process easier, but the car donation service might be able to make other arrangements if you are not able to obtain the title. You might want to meet with the organization to make sure that the title has been properly transferred over.

3. Figure Out When Your Car Will Be Picked Up

Ask about when the vehicle can be picked up. Most car donation services operate during the week and can either pick up the car immediately or will be able to do so in a few days. Under some circumstances, you will be able to make arrangements for your car to be picked up on weekdays.

4. Prepare Your Car

Before your car is picked up, you will want to make sure that all of your personal belongings have been removed from the car. Remove the license plate as well. Take pictures of the car so that you can verify its value in the future when you will use the car donation as a tax write-off.

5. Check the Status of Your Car

After your car has been picked up, you will be able to contact the service to check on the status of your car. However, if you simply want to have the car taken off your hands, you can simply donate it and walk away.

Find out what types of vehicles the donation service accepts. You might want to donate cars to veterans, but they might also take a variety of other types of vehicles such as farm equipment. This can be an opportunity for you to eliminate some clutter and receive a tax write-off.