How A Gooseneck Hitch Can Improve Your Towing Experience

When you do a lot of heavy towing with your truck, you may want to find a way to make the experience a little better. Often, adding a lot of weight on a trailer can cause the trailer and the truck to be unstable and harder to drive than it would be with a light load. Considering a gooseneck hitch and trailer may be the solutions for your towing situation. 

Gooseneck Hitches and Their Advantages

Trailers that are loaded with additional weight and then attached to the rear of your truck can add a lot of weight to the rear of the truck. This weight is not always a problem. Still, with heavy loads, it can cause the front end of the track to become light, and the handling of the truck can be adversely affected. 

A gooseneck hitch is different because it mounts to the frame over the axle of the truck. The weight of the load is put directly over the rear axle and the suspension system, reducing the downward pressure on the truck. A special trailer that reaches over the tailgate or rear of the truck is necessary and is a lot like the hitch on a tractor-trailer. 

Reducing the downward force behind the axle can help stop the lever-like effect and keep the front tires on the road where they belong, but overloading the gooseneck trailer can still stress the suspension, so use care when loading your trailer. 

What About the Truck Bed?

A gooseneck hitch is mounted under the bed of the truck, and the ball that the trailer attaches to typically extends up into the bed. A small opening is required for the ball to extend through, but many manufacturers offer boxes that are put into the bed to seal the hole and still allow you access to the hitch ball. 

If you have a flatbed or a utility bed on your truck, the mount may need to be set up differently, but talk to the installer about the best option for your hitch. They can often tailor the mount to work for your situation and retain the use of the truck bed at the same time. 

Gooseneck Trailers

Many trailer manufacturers make gooseneck trailers that can handle hauling equipment for your business trailers, car trailers, and specialized trailers, like horse trailers. The trailer options make it pretty easy to switch to a gooseneck system if you do a lot of towing, and while it may cost a little to get started, you may find that the handling and more substantial load options may make a gooseneck hitch the best upgrade you could make. 

To learn more about gooseneck hitches, contact a supplier.