Here's What To Expect When Taking Your Car In For Body Repairs

Whether due to an accident, the weather, or just old age, if your vehicle has body damage, it's time to make an appointment and take it to the repair shop. Here is what you can expect when taking your vehicle to the auto body shop for repairs:

An Initial Inspection

When you take your vehicle in for body repairs, your service technician will do a thorough inspection an assess the damage that they find. They will make sure that they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to get rid of every ding, nick, scratch, and dent. After the inspection is complete, your service provider will meet with you and provide you with a list of repair recommendations to consider.

At that point, you can decide which repairs you want to have done right away and which, if any, you want to wait to have repaired for whatever reason. Once your service provider is clear about which repairs you want to have done, they will create a work order for you to review and approve. Then the body repair work can actually begin.

The Repair Work

Before your technician starts working on your vehicle, they will provide you with a timeline estimate so you know when to expect the car to be ready for pickup. This will give you an opportunity to make transportation arrangements if necessary so you aren't too inconvenienced while your vehicle's body is being worked on.

The auto body shop may offer shuttle transportation so you can get home and back to the shop when your vehicle is ready. If not, they can refer you to a shuttle or rental company that can serve you. You can drop in and meet with your service technician whenever you want to check up on your vehicle at the auto body shop.

If extensive bodywork is being done, your service provider may have to paint your vehicle to make it look nice again. You can have them paint your vehicle the same color it already was, or choose an entirely new color. Your technician can even customize a paint color for you based on a mixture of samples you really like.

Your vehicle will have to spend time drying before it can be taken back home, but once it is dry, the auto body shop will contact you immediately. You'll be free to pick your car up and enjoy its new look. Look online at sites like for more information.